Advertisers would kill for that audience now!

Advertisers would kill for that audience now!

It’s hard to believe that podcasting is over 10 years old already.  It seems like yesterday that I was making the switch from my live streaming radio (SHOUTCast) to this new thing called podcasting.  Yes, in the Fall of 2004, I was one of a handful of people taking a stab at this new thing.

I not only stabbed at it, I carved the heck out of it.  Now, nearly 11 years later, I have produced more than 5,000 shows including a show (PMC Top10) that had over 250,000 downloads a week!  Yeah – the problem was… it was too soon.

I spent a great deal of 2005 traveling around the country speaking to business groups and college students about “this great new thing that would allow YOU to be the media.  It would allow you to throw off the shackles of the gate-keepers and decide what you wanted to hear…. and more importantly – when.”

I was met with blank stares.

It was waay too soon and too revolutionary for people to comprehend, much less take action.

Fast-forward to now and it is here.  Yes, the big resurgence of podcasting is happening right now.  People (businesses) finally get it.  They are understanding that you can produce your own content, build a following, control your message and really reach your audience.

Currently, I am producing shows for a half dozen companies as well as some of my own:

  • Lone Star Gridiron – this has been running since 2005 and continues to be a rock.  It covers news, opinion and interviews related to “the greatest sport in the greatest state” – Texas high school football!
  • Lunch with Chris – will launch soon.  This will feature interviews with people from all walks of life from the guy next door to several well-known guest.  Each ‘season’ will focus on a single question and get the perspectives from each guest. (signup form is live to get notifications about guests/questions etc.)
  • The Marketing Drive – another fast show where I use my commute time to focus on one actionable marketing idea.  (also available on YouTube)
  • 15 Seconds of Real – this is an Instagram series that focuses on personal development.  I also import them into YouTube.

What can you share with the world?  Do you have a skill, a passion… business information?  Now is the time to spread that gift and those talents.

by Chris Doelle

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