boredI have read a few reports recently that uncover boredom as the root cause of all addictions.  It seems to make perfect sense to me.

When I was 50lbs heavier, I knew the cause of my eating was boredom.  It was at a time in my life when I had transitioned from the happy-go-lucky explorer of anything that piqued my curiosity to a clock puncher.  I had traded my inspiration for what felt like security.  It was more like a chain around my throat.

Once I took off the shackles and returned to my natural state, the pounds disappeared.  Sure, it took exercise but the main change was eating less. That eating had all come as a way to entertain my stagnant mind. Once I was intrigued and involved again, eating became a means to an end instead of an event.

I can totally see where drug and alcohol addicts too will use those substances to provide a feeling – any kind of feeling – in lieu of boredom.

Do you have an addiction you struggle with? Perhaps the answer is to engage your mind more.  Not in depressing thoughts concerning what is wrong with your life, but in noticing what is amazing around you.

If you can’t find it in you to flip on a gratitude switch – perhaps you can just find someone to help with a small problem? This has been found to be one of the best ways to move your mind into an active and more positive state.

By Chris Doelle