For nearly ten years, the founders of Crackle have been fighting an uphill battle against the likes of Netflix and HULU for the attention of the streaming video market.   I remember when it first came out under the name Grouper, it wasn’t all that impressive.

When Sony invested in the company and rebranded it Crackle, I again took a look at it.  It was novel, but the selection of titles was just too limited.  I quickly stopped toying with it.

Fast forward to this week when for some reason I downloaded the app again.  It has changed in some major ways – all for the better.

I am totally biased but when I saw The Blues Brothers in the lineup, I perked up and gave the app another chance. (Long time friends will know that The Blues Brothers is my all-time favorite movie.) After digging through the inventory of movies and television shows, I have to say it has been majorly upgraded.

The selection is much better than it was when I first investigated and the library changes often.  In addition, they are taking a page out of the Netflix playbook by producing their own content.  Sports Jeopardy is the only one I looked at so far, but I see promise.

Then I noticed it can stream to Chromecast! How cool is that?  I write this on my iPad as Jake and Elwood mix mayhem and music on my big screen TV – streaming from the same iPad.

by Chris Doelle