I recently passed 21,000 cycling miles – yes, I am a nerd and tracked every mile since I started serious cycling in high school.    I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the app I use – Map My Ride+.  It has to be the single most used app I have had for years.  Whether I am riding my bike, attempting to jog, going for a walk or just fooling around on the treadmill, Map My Ride+ is the app I open.

The thing I love the best (other than the whole nerd thing of tracking my miles) is seeing friends’ workouts.  It really motivates me when I see my friends across the country and up the road putting in their miles whether it is on a bike on on their feet.  The ability to click “like” when a friend does a 3 mile walk and see a “like” from a friend after a 5 mile ride is very motivating.

After years of using it, I have actually discovered something I didn’t know about it.  You can actually share the soundtrack of your workouts with the world.  I think that’s kinda cool!

I was talking with someone the other day about running and he said he put together a playlist with the beats-per-minute calculated to help him run the best.  I then dug into the Map My Ride+ app and discovered that sharing that playlist was built in.

It isn’t publicly shared by default so I went onto my profile on the web and found where to share it.  Click on Settings in your profile and then choose Privacy.

mapmyride - Chris Doelle
There you can make a lot of your activities either Private, Share with Friends or Share with Everyone.  Color me sexist, but for females out running and riding by themselves, I would keep location things private, but sharing what music pumps you up on your run, ride, walk etc., would be very cool.

Do you use the Map My Ride+ app (or any of its other branded names MayMyRun etc.)?  Click on the image above or here to friend me on there!

by Chris Doelle