divisive liberal conservativeIt has been a couple of days of high drama and emotion.  I just had to share a bit of it and ask a question.

I won’t go add to the noise by rehashing everything that has happened in Wimberley, San Marcos and surrounding areas – lots of water, lots of destruction, people dead, people missing.  You get the idea.

I was taken aback today when amid the torrent of Facebook posts ranging from videos of the devastation to the flood of folks trying to reach family and friends, I saw a post from someone that said, A conservative says, “If it hasn’t happened to me, I don’t care.” A liberal says, “This should never happen to anyone, and that’s why I care.”


I pointed out in my response, “That’s a very divisive thing to say. As folks are recovering from flooding in San Marcos and Wimberley, Texas right now – there are conservatives and liberals working shoulder to shoulder to help their friends and neighbors.”

He went on to defend the original statement as true.  The conversation went on much longer than was productive but I know these things:

  1. Most people are good
  2. Some people are bad
  3. Conservatives and Liberals are people
  4. There are good and bad in all camps/ideologies
  5. I like good people
  6. I will join arms with good people to fight for a good cause
  7. The solution is not pointing out what we dislike about each other, it is putting that aside and working together

If we put as much energy into working together as we did in exclaiming what is wrong with the other, we would accomplish great things.

Can you put aside your hatred for the left-wing or right-wing to help them in time of need?  Of course you can.  Are you willing to accept help from someone who votes different from you when your family is in danger?  Of course you are.

What are your thoughts?

by Chris Doelle

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