Periscope PowerI had two reasons for reviewing the book Periscope Power! How to use the latest social media sensation by @UpYourPeriscope.  They are:

  1. Non-fiction, business-related books are my favorite genre
  2. The new Periscope app is a big deal

As the subtitle says, this is “The world’s first book on how to win live-streaming’s War of the Eyeballs.”  I certainly agree on both counts.  It is the first book and there is a war on already for the billions of eyeballs.

This book contains a great deal of good information about the app itself.  From the initial install and setup to creation of your first show, this book is a solid read.  There is also a whole lot of basic advice about video production, show ideas, headline writing (your show title) and other subjects that are a bit unrelated to the app but could be useful.

At times it is written like a long-copy sales pitch and because of that, the reader often has that ‘I’m being sold to’ feeling.  In fact, the foreward (or opening few pages) appear to be an exact copy of their sales page.  This is actual text from the beginning of the book:

We cannot hold this rock-bottom price for long… As soon as the updated edition is ready we will make it available, with a new price.



Uh, if you are reading this page in the book, you already acted.  A little editing may be in order.

Okay, so their sales material is re-purposed and added to the beginning of the book, so what?  Does the book still have value?  Yes, if you are the type that learns through reading, then this is a great resource to a beginner off the sidelines and into the game of live-streaming video.

Live-streaming is the next big thing.  It is indeed the Wild West and a land grab for real estate and attention are underway. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am forming a Periscope Mastermind group with the intent of taking advantage of this technology and playing a role in the coming explosion.

Fill out the form below to be considered for the group.  From there, we will setup a phone call to see how you can be a part of the next big land grab for space on the internet – LIVE streaming video content!

If you have an interest in using Periscope for business…

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