I’m sure that sometime over the last year or so you’ve seen “dry shampoo” advertised. Or more likely seen an ‘article’ on Facebook about it.  When I first saw it, I was intrigued. How can you clean your hair without water? Or shampoo?

It got me thinking about how many things we do out of habit just because we see it in the media.  Smoking, drinking, eating too much… Sure, why not shampooing our hair?

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So dry shampoos are basically a spray that you apply to your hair to soak up oil.  In doing so, they clean your hair and keep it from that matted down greasy look.  It sounds plausible to me.

So what is on the horizon in terms of game-changing things we do?  Will things like self-driving cars make us wonder why we ever did something as silly as driving ourselves?  Will those vehicles run on energy we create ourselves? Will how we ingest calories change?  Will our timing of work/play/sleep transform to something that is more efficient?

You tell me – what does the future hold?  I’m gonna go dry-clean my hair.  🙂

Chris Doelle