Have you noticed, or maybe you are one of, those people that chuckle after saying something even when it is not funny?  I’m not talking about laughing at your own jokes. Heck, I’m not really even talking about laughing.

 The Fake Chuckle is really more of a little laugh after a comment or statements completely unrelated to humor. My psychology background and how I feel when I do it make me think it is a reaction to being uncomfortable in the conversation.

Wikipedia seems to agree: Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion, or anxiety.

It often comes across as a a coded way of saying, “please like me even if you disagree with my point” or “if I laugh, you won’t notice how uncomfortable I am right now.”

What do you think? Do you chuckle at things that aren’t funny? Do you catch yourself filling an awkward silence at the end of a statement with a little laugh?

Do you have people doing it around you? How does it make you feel?

Am I nuts for thinking this is a “thing?” Haha

Chris Doelle