I can’t overstate how much I love technology.  I don’t like it for the coolness factor or the look at me I have the latest gadget effect. It is something much more functional.

Usually while exercising (cycling, treadmill etc.) I have a lot of time to be introspective.   It is at times like these that I have some of my most inspiring and deepest thoughts.  Don’t get me wrong – this may not qualify 🙂  It may not be that deep.

I was on the treadmill at the YMCA and the following was happening:

  • My heart rate monitor was connecting with the treadmill to adjust the speed for my target zone
  • My iPhone was recording my steps and time on the treadmill from my pocket and reporting to my MapMyRide app
  • My iPad was connected to the TWC wifi and streaming LIVE coverage of the first mountain stage of the Tour de France
  • My bluetooth headphones were playing an audiobook biography of Elon Musk

Again, it wasn’t about being seen as the ‘wired’ guy on the treadmill, it was about molding tech to make the most of my time.  I could mindlessly watch the news on the TVs in the gym or I could better use that time.

tour de france exercise

The Tour de France app that I have not only streams the race live, but there is so much data that I don’t really need the audio.  I have had a long habit of using drive and exercise time to listen to audio books because it takes my mind off what could be boring otherwise.

How are you bending technology to make your life better?

Chris Doelle