Why do some people never know when to just be quiet?

After the first mountain stage of this years Tour de France, Lance Armstrong felt compelled to cast doubt on Chris Froome. Froome took the race lead after an excellent effort behind a strong team. Lance’s jab via Twitter:


That’s just weak juju, Lance. 

I guess I take this personally because it took me a long time to become a Lance supporter, but I finally did. His story was so fantastic that it was hard to root against him. When he disparaged the actual greatest American cyclist, Greg LeMond, I was upset with Lance but I excused it as his competing spirit causing him to say stupid things. Turns out, it was just him trying to redirect the attention away from his crimes. 

Chris Froome is racing clean and despite the fact that I’m still hoping for a surprise move by 2nd place American, Teejay Van Garderen, I believe Froome and his team are just performing better. 

Lance, let it go. Show some class and move on. There is still much good you can do for cycling, for Amerca, and your legacy. 

What are your thoughts? Were/are you a Lance Armstrong fan? How does this make him look?

Chris Doelle