I recently launched my newest podcast, Lunch with Chris. It is a show based on the premise I read in Keith Ferrazi’s book Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. The idea is that you should use meals as opportunities to meet/greet/share/learn with and from successful people.

In this show, I sit down with “important people” and discuss “important things.” In it, each “season” I ask the same question to a wide range of people – one per show.

The question for Season One is, “if a teenager were to come up to you and ask for your best piece of advice as they embark on their lives/careers, what would you tell them?”

I have a great lineup of guests for the first season – from business leaders, Olympians, public speakers and more.

You can check out the show at the website www.lunchwithchris.com

You can subscribe to the podcast on Itunes. >>CLICK HERE<<

Do you have an idea for a great question for Season Two?  Let me know.  Do you know someone (personally) that should be on the show?  Put us in connection.

Chris Doelle