This will likely piss off everyone who reads this, but I figure you can complain about things or you can do something about them.

A Manifesto for a Better America

I think the first time I said it publicly was around 1990… the ONLY correct answer is “VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT!!!”

If they are incumbent, they must go! Stop trying to decide who is the better of two evils. If they understand it is a very temporary job, they will start doing what is right for the country instead of what is right for their “side” of the same corrupt coin.

Bernie Sanders may sound to Democrats like a better choice than Hillary… but him swinging things toward more socialism is NOT the answer.  There is already too much socialism in the country.  He is class-baiting folks because so much of the current socialism benefits the corporations and wealthy.  Adding more socialism may temporarily shift some money, but it won’t solve the problem.

As much as I like the policies of Rand Paul, he is an incumbent and brings with him a need to be re-elected.  Honestly, I think I like Rand Paul mostly because of his father.  Ron Paul was the only career politician I have seen that fought against Crony Capitalism and Socialism his entire career.  There are some things I disagree with him on, but that is what made our country great – our differences, not our sameness.

The Republicans are fighting for things I strongly believe in – the right to keep and bear arms – the importance of the family.  But come on, do the Democrats really dislike families?  I doubt it.  I think they just dislike what they see as corporate greed more.  Both parties have been taken over by the Orwellian-named – Progressives.

It is not a battle of Socialism vs Capitalism.  Capitalism hasn’t been practiced in this country since the Robber Barons started enacting laws to create their monopolies.   The “black market” is probably the closest thing to Capitalism that we will ever see.  You know why it works?  Because there are no government controls.

Yes, we need government to protect against threats (foreign and domestic) – that doesn’t mean invent them… or worse, create them through the endless game of real-life RISK – propping up dictators and shoveling cash and weapons to the guys on “our side” only to discover they are no longer on our side when they change their minds or we leave them hung out to dry.  Government should not be in many of the businesses they are in.  In our Constitution, it was made clear that the states are to determine anything not specifically spelled out therein.  Both the President and the Supreme Court should stay out of the lawmaking business.  Also, if there is an amendment I would love to see in that document, it is that each law (there will be few when the states regain their power) should only have one thing in it… not riders, add-ons, attachments and pork designed to grease the wheels and ensure things get passed.

Political Correctness is the most dangerous thing we face.  The idea that you cannot spank an unruly child is simply wrong.  The idea that telling someone you don’t like them is a “hate crime” is wrong.  The idea of a hate crime itself is more divisiveness.  It is designed to create an “us versus them” mentality.  Is there such a thing a “love crime?”  They are all hate crimes… no, they are all just crimes and should be punished equally.  If I see someone mistreating someone and strike the offender, the consequences to me should be the same whether the person I struck was white, black, hispanic, straight, male, female, trans, gay, an Eagles fan, liberal, mentally challenged or a politician.   If it is ruled that what I did was a crime, the punishment should be the same regardless of the victim.

With everyone afraid to say anything to anyone, nobody stands up for what is right.  What do you do when a gay man beats up a black girl?  Who do you defend?  Nobody… you lower your head and scurry away unsure of who you will piss off and whose rights you will be stepping on.  It used to be that people stepped in to stop the attack regardless of who the attacker was – without regard for civil liberties – only to stop the act.

This manifesto (I chose the name only because it sounds official… the problem is that now because I chose it as a literary device, I will be on a watchlist) is a perfect example.  Nobody comes out and says anything anymore.  We do “drive-by” commenting… sharing a meme that you agree with – but won’t paint you as too far in any direction.

The truth is in the middle… and the edges… it’s in the different… it’s in the nooks and crannies of thousands of detailed issues.  Instead, we are lazy and just pick a side…  or worse yet, try to straddle the line to be all things to all people..  that is what we have been trained to do.  STOP drinking the Kool-Aid…  START thinking for yourself.  I know, sounds crazy, right?

We all believe we think for ourselves.  We believe we have differing opinions.  And you know what… to some extent we do.  But, we don’t share them.  Why?  Because we fear being labelled as evil by one side or the other.  It is NOT evil to disagree on a subject.  It IS evil to manipulate us into being afraid to question – being afraid to talk with the opposition rather than lob jabs at their beliefs.  That is what we have devolved into – scared little parrots of the so-called right and left.

VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT and run for office yourself.  No, you don’t have to spend millions.  Start small – just get your name on the school board ballot and go a debate or town hall meeting.  Serve your term, vote YOUR conscience – that what your party handlers tell you.  Your goal should not be to make this a career.  When they discover they cannot sway you, yes… you will lose their support.  But who cares, you are out of there anyway.

This country was founded on a system that foresaw EVERYONE taking a turn in office and then returning to their farm or small business and enjoying the immense gift that this country was.  If you don’t want to run for office that is your choice, but if you vote for ANYONE that is currently in office, you are part of the problem.  No, that is me just doing that PC speak again… trying to temper it so nobody gets pissed… if you vote for ANYONE that is currently in office, you ARE part of the problem.

by Chris Doelle