Texas High School Football Has Abducted Me

LSGLogoBorderSo, long-time readers of the blog will know that this is the time of year when I disappear.  Newcomers, here’s why:  Texas high school football.  As you can see, my last post was July 27th.  That was about  month before Texas high school football got going.  That is because of Lone Star Gridiron, my Texas high school football website.  It really eats up every free moment during the season.

What have I done while silent here?

  1. Previewed every district in the state of Texas – what teams we expected to do well, what players are returning, history, notes etc. – a ton of stuff!
  2. Scheduled, recorded, conducted interviews, edit, and posted 11 podcasts a week!  Yes, every region of Texas gets their own show.  The format is me interviewing and talking football with a regional expert on the happenings in Texas high school football,  Plus a recruiting show and a coaches show.
  3. Highlighted the key matchups across the state… again, by Region
  4. Started doing a LIVE Friday night scoreboard show (from 9:30pm – 11:00pm) every Friday during the regular season (that will morph into a mid-week playoff show starting next week.)
  5. Edited over 50 intern/reader/contributor articles.  This ranges from just a few tweaks to some that are nearly 100% rewritten.  Along the way, I have helped shape the writers into seasoned sportswriters.
  6. Managed social media for LSG – posting and communicating with #txhsfb fans to the tune of about 60-100 posts a week across five social media sites.
  7. Compiling rankings of every team in the state every week by classification and sharing those out on the site.
  8. Began an interview series with Texas high school football coaches that we will be rolling out soon.

Oh yeah… and service my clients in my marketing company, manage my staff…  you know – the things that pay the bills 🙂

I’m sure there are 100 other things I do related to Texas high school football that I haven’t thought to mention.  It is a very time consuming but definitely a labor of love.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however.  This is the last week of 11 shows as the regional shows will drop off next week with playoffs starting.  There will still be 4 shows going but trust me, this is a big weight lifted.

Then, the fun starts – playoffs and championship games.  It’s kinda like a month of Christmas each week.

Rest assured, you will be seeing more of me here as the season progresses.  Thanks for waiting.

by Chris Doelle