For the fifth straight year, I am chronicling the songs that I’ve played the most over the past year.  This is NOT a list of the most popular tracks in the world, in America or even in my town.  These are the tracks that I played the most in 2015.

There are tracked by (a site I discovered back in 2005) that keeps track of the songs you play on iPod, computer, iPad, iTunes and streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify etc.  It is simple to connect the service to your services and then you never have to deal with it again – other than to look at all the glorious data (yes, I’m a nerd.)

Let’s take a look at Chris Doelle’s Top Songs for 2015:

Bob Schneider - The Stars Over Your House - Top Songs for 2015

1. The Stars Over Your House – Bob Schneider (21 plays)
2. The Golden Age – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (17 plays)
3. Wake Me Up – Avicii (14 plays)
3. Bang Bang – Jessie J (14 plays)
5. Chicken Fried – Zac Brown (13 replays)
6. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson (12 plays)
6. Take a Back Road – Rodney Atkins (12 plays)
6. Little Bit – Perrin Lamb (12 plays)
9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something (11 plays)
10.Crazy – Gnarls Barkley (11 plays)
10.Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes (11 plays)
10.Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 (11 plays)
10.Thinking About You – Calvin Harris (11 plays)
10.Best Day of My Life – American Authors (11 plays)
10.Real Life – Jake Owen (11 plays)
16.1,2,3,4 – Plain White T’s (10 plays)
16.Good Life – OneRepublic (10 plays)
16.The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars (10 plays)
16.All the Way – Timefiles (10 plays)
20.Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind (9 plays)
20.Ridin’ Solo – Jason DeRulo (9 plays)
20.All Star – Smash Mouth (9 plays)
20.I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith (9 plays)
20.Bubble Toes – Jack Johnson (9 plays)
20.God is a DJ – P!nk (9 plays)
20.Voices – Chris Young (9 plays)
20.Pretty Good at Drinking Beer – Billy Currington (9 plays)
20.Let Her Go – Passenger (9 plays)
20.Ain’t Messin Round – Gary Clark Jr. (9 plays)
20.Centuries – Fall Out Boy (9 plays)
20.Cheerleader – Omi (9 plays)

  • Bob Schneider skyrocketed to the top of the song list with the only song I have ever played of his
  • Wake Me Up by Avicii was #2 last year an #3 this year
  • Imagine Dragons had two of the top three songs last year but nothing in this years list
  • Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes was #12 for 2013 and returns this year at #10 (with one less play than the last time)
  • The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars was in the 2011 (#3) and 2012 (#17) lists
  • For the first year only one song had more than 20 plays
  • Chicken Friend – Zac Brown Band has been in the chart for four years in a row.
  • Billy Currington made the chart (barely) for the 3rd straight year
  • The top artist for the year (Billy Joel) didn’t have a single song in this list
  • It took 9 plays to tie for 20th position this year – last year it took 12
  • There were a total of 3,208 songs in 2015 (down from 3,408 last year)
  • For the second year in a row there were only two country songs in the top 5 – Chicken Fried was Top 5 both times.
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