When I saw the latest Steve Jobs movie advertised I thought, “Oh that will be interesting.”  Yes, it will be the same fanboy – rah rah stuff we always get, but because I am a fanboy of the computer revolution, I would like it.  When I saw Michael Fassbender as the lead, I thought, “geez, he doesn’t even look like Jobs.”  When I saw Kate Winslet was in the cast, I figured it was worth a shot just because I think she is great.  And I have to say that Seth Rogen did a wonderful job as Steve Wozniak as well as Jeff Daniels as John Scully.

michael fassbender - steve jobsThis is NOT Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) (TV) Played by Noah Wyle and this is NOT Jobs (2013) Played by Ashton Kutcher.  This is more of the nitty-gritty, down and dirty Steve Jobs.  It is more like the book by Walter Isaacson (my review) because it is based largely on the book and co-written by Isaacson.

Fassbender once again surprised me with his performance. (He absolutely rocked 12 Years a Slave .) I completely forgot about my reservations about his lack of physical similarity and by the end, he WAS Steve Jobs.  His performance made this a film worth seeing – period.

This was a compelling story about Jobs as a person, not the glitz and showmanship, but the mind behind the man.

If you skipped watching this film because it seemed like “another Steve Jobs” movie, you missed the best one.  Grab this one and you will not regret it.

RATING 8 out of 10

Chris Doelle