Health is Determined by Thousands of Every-Day Choices

sugar addiction cycle

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This time two years ago, I wrote a post on day 5 of a 10 day no-sugar challenge.  It turned out that going 10 days without sugar was pretty easy for me.  This time I am not planning to quit sugar for a specific number of days, but just quit sugar.

I am not naive.  I am not saying I will never eat sugar.  I think I just need to take a break, and in taking that break, reset my desire for sweets.

Also, I am not going to go crazy and remove anything and everything containing sugar… that is nearly impossible without drastically changing everything about what I eat.  I plan to stop consuming things that have little or no health value – cookies, soft drinks, ice cream, candy etc.   If I get a craving for sweet and the only thing available is an apple or banana, that is much better choice than 20 cookies.  Yes, fruit contains sugars but it is in a format that is much healthier and contains useful things like fiber as well.

The reason for the change is a plateau I have hit in weight loss.  I did some fasting in the Fall of 2014 and dropped about 25 pounds.  I managed to keep it off until around this time last year (when a pretty major life change happened.)  I gained weight through the end of 2015 – not up to my pre-fast weight, but ten pounds more than my recent low.

Since January of this year, I started dropping weight again but very slowly.  I have been doing it simply by eating better and making sure I do some activity every day.  I haven’t ever cut out the bad food, just made it a treat instead of a meal.

Long story short, I am cutting out the blatantly worthless sugary foods.

What is your experience with sugar? How much do you take in?  Is it easy for you to live without?

by Chris Doelle

PS.  There is some sugar I will still keep around…