“All music is beautiful.” – Billy Strayhorn

I literally cannot imagine life without music.  We all have music that moves us, soothes us, fires us up… and get’s us in the mood for “other” things.  I chose the quote above because my tastes are extremely eclectic – I am as likely to be found listening to classic rock, pop, oldies, country, jazz, gospel, hip-hop, dance, trance, classical, hillbilly, bluegrass, indie rock, singer-songwriter, acoustic, acapella, blues and even some rap as anything else.  There are very few heavy metal or screamo in my playlists, but I really dig a lot of different styles.

The subject of this post is work music.  I find that I listen to different music depending on the type of work I am doing:

  • Writing: anything instrumental (lyrics really distract me)✝
  • Artistic design: something upbeat with a relatively quick beat (stuff like funk or some of the faster 50’s-60’s rock)
  • Physical work: positive and upbeat (hard rock, love songs with a strong beat – funk works well with that too)Repetitive work that isn’t strenuous or doesn’t take concentration (something chill – melancholy, jazz, soul, harmony)

Again, there are a ton of other music for other things, but I am focusing on work only.

Your turn.

What is the music you listen to while working?  What type of work do you do?  If you’re in an office setting, I understand you can’t CRANK IT UP… do you use headphones, play is quietly at your desk?

✝ Although I am writing this post listening to music, I am not listening to instrumental music.  The mention of funk has me listening to some of Stevie Wonder’s greatest funk tracks.

by Chris Doelle

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