Okay, I try not to get too political here but with what we have left for presidential options, I thought it was time to share a thought.  Yes, I would run in a second if I thought there was a snowball’s chance in Southtown of winning, but that is not an option.

What we are primed for however is a third party candidate with some name recognition.  I say it is time for Mike Rowe.  No, I have not talked with him and seen if there is any interest.  I am just throwing his name out there.  Perhaps we could create a groundswell of support that makes him take notice.


Why Mike Rowe?

  • He understands dirty jobs and has shown a willingness to dig in and get the job done
  • He has strong family values (this based on numerous interviews I have heard)
  • His podcast “The Way I Heard It” is my current favorite.  His fireside chats would be bothin inspiring and entertaining
  • His foundation (MikeRoweWORKS foundation) is an excellent organization helping real people get real jobs that pay real money – no government handouts

Please share the heck out of this and maybe we can get someone in office who stands for what we as Americans believe – not what politicians are selling.

And yes Mike, if you like, I would gladly be your running mate. 🙂

by Chris Doelle