Amazon Has My Business

amazonI really haven’t gotten into the whole “order everything online” habit yet.  I have been an online shopper since before there were easy systems for taking payments, but initially it was for things like electronics – specialty things that just weren’t available locally.  The big box electronics stores still won for most those purchases because of the desire to see and feel the item before plunking down some greenbacks for an item.  The idea of ordering things like laundry soap, deodorant, trash bags etc. was just never in the picture for me… until recently.

I have found that more and more since starting my Amazon Prime membership (I did it for the television and movies… not the free shipping on purchases.)  The free shipping combined with next day delivery just slowly sunk in as a better option.  Well, I finally did it… I ordered a consumable via Amazon and it was dangerously smooth.

I ordered a 4-pack of the deodorant I use, some fish oil capsules and a belt that I saw on a Facebook ad.  All the items should be delivered tomorrow and the best thing was that there were no impulse purchases.  If I had run to HEB for the fish oil and deodorant, I would certainly have seen something else that caught my eye in the store and walked out with more than I intended.

Don’t get me wrong… on days that I have been cooped up at my desk with no humans around, I will still likely go browse HEB just to get some human interaction, but as a way to get things without wasting the gas, time or effort, this seems to be a great solution.

Yes, I know I am late to the party – I usually am when the subject is shopping.

by Chris Doelle

the new belt I will have tomorrow…