Let me start off by saying that this post is likely to offend many.  Let me assure you that is not my intention.  I’ve just noticed something that I want to point out.  The increase of drama over celebrity deaths.

Before the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., celebrities died… yeah, they did.  The difference was that people didn’t get so upset about it.

Back in the day, when we were told (by the evening news or newspaper) about a celebrity dying, we would point it out to someone in the room, “Aw… so-and-so died.”  That was pretty much it.

Now however, in this era of social media feeds, when someone even remotely famous passes away, you see a torrent of “RIP _____” “Crap, I hate this year!” or “I am sooo sad right now.  _______ just passed away.” Why the difference?

Today, we are our own little reality show and feel the need to put out these “episodes.”  We feel a pressure to add to our feed, to stay relevant, to be heard.  When there isn’t something big to talk about, we do what 24 hour news channels do – we make something big out of something relatively small.

Yes, the death of someone is a big deal – but someone you’ve never met in person? someone you’ve only seen on a screen?  someone who you really know nothing about? someone whose entire existence is the carefully crafted result of his/her PR campaign or roles acted? Should it affect you to the point of ruining your day?  That’s what some of these posts seem to imply.

Sure, be saddened when an actor/actress/singer/author you like passes on, but it is all part of the cycle of life.  And you know what? Their deaths aren’t any more important to me than that of any other human I don’t know personally.

What is your take?  Are you over the torrent of posts every time a celeb dies or does it make you feel good to let people know that you had a special bond with Gene Wilder, Sting, Mary Tyler Moore, David Bowie, Prince etc?

by Chris Doelle




PS. Did you catch that?  haha Sting is not dead – just seeing if you’re reading