I watched this one on DVR because I was busy when it came out. As award shows go, this is one of the better ones because it covers television and film – plus the attitude of the entertainers just seems more loose and happy.  It’s even better when you can fast forward past the commercials.

And let me just say that Ryan Reynolds totally should have won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his role in Deadpool and although Ryan Gosling won, he did have the best acceptance speech.  No politics, just gratitude.

What did I take away from the Golden Globes?

Things it made me want to see:

  • Florence Foster Jenkins – politics aside, I saw the preview for this one awhile back and you can’t argue Meryl Streep‘s talent. I can separate the craft from the politics.
  • 24 Legacy – I want to give it a shot anyway. It wasn’t the Golden Globes that got me interested in this show, but a commercial that I actually paused to watch.
  • The People VS OJ Simpson – I’m more intrigued to see what the revisionists did to tell the story in a way that fits their agenda. From the acceptance speeches, I’m betting its very twisted.
  • Atlanta – I’m a big fan of Donald Glover but know nothing about this.
  • La La Land – yes, I’m a sucker for a musical even with impossibly beautiful people in it. Yes, it looks like Hollywood is just patting themselves on the back with this one but it will be worth watching once.
  • Fences – saw the preview for this the other day and it looks really flippin’ good. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been in love with Viola Davis since she was in The Help.
  • Lion – another one I’d seen a preview of and wanted to see already. Looks really good
  • Life –  No clue what it is but I dig Jake Gyllenhaal so I’ll watch anything with him
  • Sing – looks fun
  • Live By Night – I’ve been seeing so many ads and I’m actually really looking forward to it.  Could it be I actually will like two Ben Affleck films in a row?
  • Sing Street – never heard of it but it looks good

Things it made me me not want to see:

  • Blackish – not being racist, it just doesn’t appeal to me
  • The Girlfriend Experience – just doesn’t look that good
  • Manchester by the Sea – looks downright depressing and I’ve never been a fan of Casey Affleck
  • Kubo and the Two Strings – know nothing about it but I don’t like the art style so won’t see it
  • The Crown – okay, the Golden Globes didn’t make not want to see it. I’d seen the ads on Netflix and wasn’t interested. Nothing in this show made me want to see it though.

Tacky appearance things I noticed:

  • Annette Benning looks great and just seems to get better with age
  • Billy Bob Thornton pulls off the whacked out wino look
  • Sylvester Stallone has some pretty daughters
  • Plunging necklines are in – jiminy, I felt dirty watching an awards show.
  • Nicole Kidman needs to realize that she looks great and should stop with the plastic surgery already
  • Goldie Hawn was either stoned or has forgotten how to act
  • There were several male presenters that I have no clue who they are or what they’ve been in
  • Pierce Brosnan could still be Bond
  • Brad Pitt is looking a bit gaunt

Things they got wrong:

  • Hacksaw Ridge should totally have won Best Director at least but I can see it was totally the wrong audience for a film about sacrifice, courage and religion
  • Ryan Reynolds should have won Best Actor in a comedy (I just had to mention that again)
  • La La Land can’t be that good – I will let you know
  • Andrew Garfield was robbed

What are your thoughts?

By Chris Doelle

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