Updates on my attempt at minimalist living

We are on day twelve of the 30 day Minimalism Game and where do I stand?

Date – today’s reduction (total)

  • January 1st – 15 (15)
  • January 2nd – 0 (15)
  • January 3rd – 5 (20)
  • 4th – 12 (32)
  • 5th – threw away 4 old media guides, finished burning 1 old jar candle and tossed – 5 total (37)
  • 6th – donated books to the library – 5 total (42)
  • 7th – was at a basketball game and Chick-Fil-A parachuted cows from the rafters.  I nabbed two of them.  Gave one away to a kid at the game. 1 total (43)
  • 8th – gave away the other parachuting Chick-Fil-A cow to Mike’s boy 1 total (44)
  • 9th – traveling and in client meetings all day 0 total (44)
  • 10th – tossed out several old boxes I had been saving for some unknown reason  5 total (49)
  • 11th – gift box containing 7 items came in the mail.  I gave away all 7 items 7  total (56)
  • 12th – still to come

Goal: 66 things
Status: 56 things

I am finding that while it was easy to give a bunch of stuff away early on, it has become increasingly difficult.  The problem isn’t a lack of desire, but a lack of time to dig through and find things.  I know I can probably find 100 things to get rid of, but the idea of digging through things just never makes it to the top of my to-do list.

I could use some feedback.  What could you get rid of?  What could you sell?

Need help getting rid of stuff yourself?  Here a few helpful links:

  • Amazon – if it is new or in good shape, you can resell many things here
  • Ebay – ditto
  • Craigslist – you can sell pretty much anything here (be warned, not policed very well for bizarre/inappropriate stuff
  • Freecycle – Great place to give away things that still have value.  I used to freecycle quite a bit back when I lived in Houston but it is available all over the world.

by Chris Doelle