Time to hit the road in an RV?

Back in 2004, I was seriously considering selling my house, buying a Class A motorhome and hitting the road.  The goal then was to take off in a couple years and see where the road took me.  That never happened as I talked myself out of it after some opportunities arose that I couldn’t pass up.  Well, it has once again become a potential reality.

No, I am not packing up and heading out tomorrow, but the research is being done.  I am not sure a Class A is the way to go anymore – in fact, I had moved off that idea even before I shelved the entire thing.  I was considering a Class C because it was more compact and easier to deal with.

Now, I am also considering a pull-behind or fifth wheel – there is still some research to do before that is settled.  It would involve a new pull vehicle (the Honda Civic won’t do it) as well as the fifth wheel.  The Class C might still be an easier route just because it wouldn’t involve two new vehicles.

As you know, I do marketing for a living and thus can still work while on the road.  The only absolute must is that I have to have great internet access.  That is much more likely these days than 13 years ago so continuing my income while traveling is much easier.

What is your experience with RVs?  Remember, I am not talking about camping for the weekend… I am talking about full-time road-tripping.

by Chris Doelle

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