This morning appeared to be the time for my fitness tech to get an update. It only slowed me down a few minutes but it caused me to think about how much I use these devices/apps.

First, my Withings Scale alerted me that it wanted to update the scale itself – not the associated app, but the scale.  It was a simple process of opening the app on my phone and clicking a button.  It then spent a few minutes talking to the scale  I’m not really sure what was in the update, but I am assuming it will do something better.

Next, I dressed to head out for a jog – opened my MapMyRide app (it works for all sports, not just cycling) and it let me know that it too needed an update:

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I was a bit concerned that it said I may have to delete and reinstall the app, but that didn’t happen.  Again, a couple minutes later, I was ready to go.

A short jog (30 min) and a few dumbbell exercises later, I returned home to grab breakfast.  Of course, then I opened my MyFitnessPal app. This one didn’t need an update and a few clicks later, my breakfast meal was tracked.

So what is my takeaway?  I like technology.  I like tracking things.  Yes, I am a nerd.

Does fitness tech ensure I will be a ripped beast?  Uh, no.  Does it make getting out there a little more enjoyable?  For me, it does.

by Chris Doelle

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