Back in 2011, the movie Limitless came out starring Bradley Cooper and even though it didn’t do much at the box office, I really liked it.

When I saw the CBS TV series of the same name advertised, I was skeptical to be sure. I figured it would be a cheap knock off. Even when I saw that Cooper would make a cameo as the same character he played in the film, it was my instinct to not trust the show would be good and that was only a one-off appearance to help sell the show.  I was totally wrong.

Not only does this show have a solid and unique storyline, but it is extremely well written. Jake McDorman does a great job in the lead role of Brian Finch – a role he was seemingly born to play. I was even surprised to see Bradley Cooper making semi-regular appearances on the show. (It does make sense however after realizing he is an Executive Producer on the show.)

After watching Season One on Netflix, the show has left me wanting more. Of course, I did a little digging to see 1) if a Season Two was in the works and 2) if there was a release date. Much to my dismay, it appears that CBS hasn’t decided to make more.

Before I throw this into my brilliant-but-canceled pile of shows however, they did say they are looking at options for the show. My guess was that means they are shopping it around. Hopefully, someone like Netflix or Amazon will nab the show and get to making Season Two.

That was until I read this from showrunner Craig Sweeney:

Yet again, a well-written, thought-provoking, smart and entertaining show is dumped by a traditional network because of their LIVE TV ratings.  Haven’t they figured out that we DO NOT WATCH TV ON YOUR SCHEDULE!!!!?  We watch when we have a break.  We binge when we have free time.  We put off shows for weeks only to pick them back up when it suits us.

Netflix and Amazon Video have figured this out and that is why they are killing the old-school networks.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

By Chris Doelle

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