I shared a post on Instagram the other day when I picked up some Girl Scout Cookies.  I got a box of the classic Thin Mints and also a box of the new S’mores.  Now, understand I don’t eat many cookies anyway, but there was something about the S’Mores that just shut me down.  The sweetness!

It’s for the Girl Scouts, not me. 😊 #sacrifice #humanitarian #girlscoutcookies

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Yes, I have had the cookies now for a week and I have only managed to eat four (4) of the S’mores cookies.  I didn’t even open the Thin Mints – they go straight to the freezer to eat later in the year.  I figured I had to try to the new ones first.

I was amazed from the first nibble just how much they actually do task like a s’mores you’d make around the campfire. But, before I even finished the first swallow, I was overwhelmed by how intensely sweet these cookies are.  I’m talking make-you-cross-eyed sweet.  Because of that, I really can’t eat more than one at a sitting.

I think they’d be more palatable if they were less sweet, but in balance… maybe this is a good thing?  I mean, my sweet tooth is instantly satisfied (if not over-saturated) and I have no desire for anything more sweet.

What do you think?  Is too sweet a good way to cut down on eating sweets?

by Chris Doelle