Sometimes You Do Find Something Good on Facebook

It was a post on Facebook that interested me in sticky gel pads. The ad showed how using these pads, you could stick just about anything, anywhere.

Yes, my BS detector was firing, but they seemed very useful and since they were extremely cheap, I figured I would give them a try. In my car, I have been using a mount for my iPhone that clips onto the A/C vent but I really didn’t like that it blocked the vent.  Maybe these pads could work better?

Fast forward a couple weeks – I have been using them for some time now and they rock! I leave one in my car, gave two away and still have two left if something else needs to stick around. I definitely recommend the product.

One caveat: I discovered that they do NOT stick to bumpy surfaces – they slide right off. If you have bumpy walls, don’t look for them to be effective in hanging things, but if it is a smooth surface, you are good to go.

It just goes to show that every once in awhile, there is something useful on Facebook.

by Chris Doelle

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