I recently tweeted something out that although I am a big fan of a particular celebrity and love two of the shows he has – one show of his that I just discovered “bl0ws.”  First, let me say that in retrospect, it wasn’t a very nice way of saying what I felt about the show.  Perhaps I could have said “it wasn’t my cup or tea” or “I totally disagree with the slanted political view it represents even though it is disguised as comedy.”  That certainly would have made a stronger case for my criticism.

I was attacked by the celebrity himself as well as many of his fans (drones?)  It was after being called out for rudeness in a rude comment that I chuckled and thought, “really?”

I regret saying the show “blows” as I have stated, but if a person cannot separate himself from his creation, then I say he needs a bit thicker skin.

Now, I am far from “the pot calling the kettle black.”  I create a TON of content:

  • My blog posts for over 15 years
  • 60 Seconds of Real
  • Art I have drawn or painted and sold online
  • My personal YouTube channel
  • My Lone Star Gridiron YouTube channel
  • My podcasts (more than 5,000 episodes)
    • The Marketing Drive
    • Lone Star Gridiron
    • LSG Coaches Show
    • Lunch with Chris
    • The PMC Top 10
    • Riding with the window down
    • This Week in Houston
    • a half dozen other shows
  • My numerous presentations and talks
  • Indie film projects I have work in and on
  • a hundred other things I’ve forgotten already

The fact is that not everything I’ve ever done has always been amazing. (Yes, I know it is hard to believe.) I have from time-to-time had people come up to me after and give me criticism of things they thought weren’t that great.  If you create, you get critiqued – that’s part of the deal.

Yes, there are times when I took it as a personal affront and was hurt – but that was early on in my creative life.  I have matured and come to love a saying “Your opinion of me is none of my business.”

I just can’t let it bother me.  And you know what?  This celebrity whose show I didn’t like shouldn’t let it bother him either.

But hey, it did give me inspiration to write this – so there’s that.

by Chris Doelle