Another snack food find

snack foodYes, I blog about junk food quite a bit.  I really don’t eat that much, but for some reason, I find the creation of unique flavors and marketing interesting.

Normally, I will just snap an Instagram photo and share it out across social media.  I generally don’t actually buy them. Maybe I was hungry – maybe I was just intrigued… this time I picked up a bag of chili cheese popchips and tried them.

While the chili cheese flavoring was decent, there was something about it that was off.  It could just be the format.  I have found several times before that they do a great job of matching the flavor, but there is some sort of cognitive dissonance caused by my understanding that this flavor doesn’t fit with this food format.

When a chip flavor doesn’t work for me, it is as often because of this dissonance as it is because they got the flavor wrong.

I was more interested in trying them because I have seen celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry pimping them for years and never tried one.  The name itself was a bit confusing. Is it made from potato? corn? some magic vegan kernel that attracts liberal celebrities?

Turns out, it is actually potato but the difference is in how they create them.  On the bag it says “never fried, always real.” They make it kinda like rice cakes are made.  And you know what? They kinda taste like it.

Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t a bad thing. I became a big fan of rice cakes once they started adding flavoring.  I just have to get used to chips with a rice cake mouth feel and chili cheese flavor.  It’s a lot to absorb the first time.

As always, please share any unique snack options you find as I would love to check them out.

by Chris Doelle

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