Millionaire Booklet is Short but Useful

I guess this is actually a booklet review as it is rather small. If you’ve listened to any Grand Cardone stuff, you know he is enthusiastic and inspiring. (I haven’t actually read any of his books because I prefer him reading them.) The Millionaire Booklet: How to Get Super Rich is classic Cardone.  That is to say, it is a fun book(let.)

Yes, it is very short. Normally, I would feel a bit cheated with something this short, but the value is there because he gets to the point and doesn’t waste a lot of time with fluff.  Yes, there is the traditional story of how he got rich – they all have to do that just to justify unfamiliar folks with why they should pay attention. It is chock full of good stuff however.

Probably the biggest takeaway is his system of putting aside profits into investment accounts – not stocks and bonds, but liquid cash that you can use when an opportunity arises. The other key point is to NOT ditch your current source of income when you a new opportunity arises… instead, add it to your portfolio. The reason is that if the new venture bombs, you are not starting over – you still have the income that produced your investment pot.

I am not a big fan of rereading/relistening to books like this, but as soon as I completed it the first time, I started it over. It is short enough that during a couple of bike rides, I can listen to it twice and really drill in the concepts.

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a replacement for anything else you’ve learned about building wealth. It is another source of information and a welcome addition to my library.

by Chris Doelle

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