Is Millionaire Fastlane more of the same or different?

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime by MJ DeMarco promised to give you the answer – to crack the code – to hand you the keys to the kingdom. But, more than just tell you exactly how to be rich, it starts by slamming other wealth building books.

MJ DeMarco starts by saying that this is not a get-rich-quick book. He also slams the get-rich-slow method. DeMarco rips on books that tell you to “invest in real estate,” “invest in the stock market,” “win the lottery,” “become a celebrity,” “start a business,” and what he suggests all those other books pitch.

He also pretty much tosses every famous “financial guru” under the bus as well.

DeMarco doesn’t say anything in the book that I don’t believe – well, except for him suggesting his book is different or his path to riches is different. He started a business and sold it. He invested. It is really no different than what is sold in all the other wealth building books.

That was my review through the first third of the book.  After that, it gets interesting.

If you can get past the braggadocio and smack-talking of the first part of the book, you will be rewarded with some REAL stuff. DeMarco brings you a detailed look at how the really wealthy in the world got wealth – not just one piece of the puzzle, but the whole thing. He does a great job of bringing it all together to paint the truest picture I have ever seen of the reality surrounding financial success and freedom.

I have read them all, participated in most of the steps and this is the first time someone has written a book like this that doesn’t include fairy tales and gives actual step-by-step tools.

Yes, you have to get past a lot of stuff in the beginning, but you will be rewarded.  That isn’t to say that the rest of the book is easy sailing however. What you are left with are some formulas (TONS of them) for analyzing wealth creation plans, savings, investment – you name it.

Yes, this is a dense book once you hit the meat, but trust me – it is worth a studied read… and then a few rereads.  This is not a read-it-once book. It is a keeper. It is a refer back and refresh often book.  It is a dog eared, stained resource.

by Chris Doelle

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