Colony is one of those shows that is easy to overlook. Mainly because it is on USA network and thus you can’t binge on it like those you see on Netflix, Amazon etc. I was first drawn to it because it stars Josh Holloway and I have been a fan of his since Lost.

It took a couple of episodes for me to get into it, but once I did, I was hooked. Now, a good chunk of the way through Season Two and I have to say that it has developed into a really good series.

This show is a heck of a lot deeper than most television these days. The story line of an alien invasion and resistance is an old one but it parallels some very timely issues. You consistently question the “loyalty” of the resistance when it is subtly compared to the “resistance” and zealousness of young ISIS fighters. Colony offers an unapologetic view that to resist an oppressive power requires violence.

Nobody likes the invaders (the aliens nicknamed “Raps”) but loyalties are split between the Collaborators and the Resistance. The constant tension over who can be trusted keeps you watching. The struggle the characters go through to make decisions about the correct and/or safest actions is consistently in flux.

Netflix has taken a step that will save Colony and created a model for saving other good productions. Their prototype of securing the streaming rights even before the first episode aired on USA will ensure that a much larger audience follows and supports the show. This paradigm of broadcasting on a network channel and streaming previous seasons just as soon as the new one starts is a winning recipe.

Have you been watching Colony? What are your thoughts?

by Chris Doelle

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