Wow.  That is all I can say about Manchester by the Sea.  Once again, The Academy shows they know absolutely nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Casey Affleck turned in his best performance to date, but it is still nothing special. I reviewed his first film (Gone Baby Gone directed by his brother, Ben) back in 2008.  I rated it 4 stars.  This film was worse.

Like I mentioned, Casey did a better job than I expected. The problem was the script… what a piece of crud. There is nothing redeeming in the whole story. Yes, I know that bad things happen – but we don’t watch movies to escape, not to say “geez, my life isn’t as bad as that.”

Everyone in the film is a turdball. Everyone does the wrong thing at just about every turn. Really? You get an Oscar to say “people suck and you can’t count on them.”  The only halfway decent character in the film is the one that died of congestive heart failure to get this turd rolling down the hill.

By Chris Doelle

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