Teach Your Mind That You Are Enough

The single biggest thing I have found that can affect your happiness is deciding that you are worth being happy. It sounds simple. It sounds a bit woo-hoo and out there… but it is big.

You may not spend time thinking out loud that you are not good enough, but most of the time, depression is tied to some sort of self-imposed shortcoming. If you’re not happy, it could be something you are doing… or not doing.

Simply deciding that you are enough removes fear and regret. Those two things make up 99% of the doubt in your life. When the doubt is removed, all that remains is being happy with the now and excited about the future.

What if you don’t believe it? I have been a fan of the “fake it until you make it” philosophy but understand that rings false with a lot of people. So, instead I like the phrase “learn it until you earn it.” That takes the imagery of being a shyster and conman out of the equation and gives you permission to basically keep trying and keep working.

Don’t believe that? Try this… Try focusing on gratitude for the things in your life that are going well. You can do this through meditation, journaling, self-talk, prayer or just chilling and thinking about what is good in your life. The fact that you have/had these things means you were at least at one time good enough for that. If you can find moments when you feel you are indeed good enough… that will lead to more and more of the same. Eventually, you will not only believe it but truly understand that you are indeed enough. When you have that – you have happiness.

by Chris Doelle

PS. If you want your children to grow into happy adults, make darn sure you reinforce in them that they are enough.