A Hiking Hiccup is Back on Track

Earlier this year I committed to a goal of hiking 100 miles during 2017.  I’m not talking about walking or strolling in the neighborhood.  I am talking about hiking on a trail (off-road) on designated hiking trails.  They can be in city, state or national parks.  They can even be on private land or wilderness as long as it is a real hike – with the express purpose of walking around outside in the wilderness (or some semblance thereof.)

I had a hiking buddy when we together created this goal. As I have been trying to get my hiking buddy to do an actual hike for the past few months, it seems the remainder of the goal will likely be made solo. So let’s run through the ones that I’ve accomplished so far this year.

Back in the Game

As you can say, we started off very active – then the world got in the way.  The Mount Bonnell hike marked the first one I did solo. Just because my hiking buddy backed out doesn’t change the fact that I set a goal and intend to accomplish it.  It barely qualified as a hike because even after going over every inch of it TWICE, it only added up to 1.50 miles. This was more of a cool discovery than a true hike as it is highest point in Austin and the view is great here!

McKinney Roughs Loop 5.26 miles

Once I decided it was okay to start hiking by myself, I picked up the pace..  Next up was McKinney Roughs Loop in Bastrop.  It was hotter than all get-out… 90+ degrees but I was a lot of fun.

Look for more frequent hikes (when I can fit them in between client meetings/travels etc.) And hey, if you know of a good hike and you’d like to join me – I welcome the company.

by Chris Doelle