Slapstick Isn’t Always Funny

Hunter & Bill

The only Hunter S. Thompson film I hadn’t seen before was Where the Buffalo Roam. I was reminded of it after I finished reading Hell’s Angels and decided to give it a view.

The first thing I ┬ácan say is that Bill Murray did a great job of being Hunter S. Thompson – which coincidentally is not a lot different than Carl Spackler in CaddyShack. Coincidentally, both films came out at the same time so it is much more understandable when he seems to shift between Thompson and Spackler throughout.

The film too, is all over the place. It is a good showcase for Murray but not so much in terms of good film. It gets incredibly campy at times and downright moronic in others. It is almost as if every other actor in the film was just trying to show how they were just as crazy as Murray. Because it is every other character in the film however, I have to put the blame on the director. It was his responsibility to rein the film in.

I feel stupider for having watched it and I would have shut it off but saw I only had a half hour to go, so I stuck through to the end. It was not a wise decision. If you haven’t see it, don’t bother. If you have, tell me what you thought of it.

by Chris Doelle

RATING 4 out of 10
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