I have to tell you that I absolutely love BOLD: How we go big, create wealth and impact the world by Peter Diamandis & Steven Cotler. Yes, pretty much everything in it is a rehash of things I have read elsewhere – but I like this kind of stuff.

It is motivational and informational. If you like these kind of books, this will be a welcome addition. If you have yet to experience this genre of “get out there and do it BIG” this is as good a place as any.

Do I think this book will change your life? Not likely (although it IS possible.) I instead prefer to think of this as reminder that you can and should go after the big goals you have.

The first half of the book is quite motivational but the real gold in BOLD is the latter content. In that, they give some insight into the exponential speeding up of things in society coupled with our increasing access to tools and systems to put these advances into use for our benefit.

Like I said, I really like this kind of book. It is a great mix of motivation with some real world examples and insight. As much as I love to feel motivated, it could have been nearly perfect had Diamandis & Kotler cut back on the rah-rah and included more tools.

by Chris Doelle

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