Change Your Mind, Change Your World

I came across the book You Are the Placebo: making your mind matter‎ by Dr. Joe Dispenza the other day and spent the whole time saying to myself, “THAT’S what I’ve been preaching for 30 years!” In fact, I have a book about 1/2 written that covers the exact subject (albeit from a slightly different angle.)

If you have read The Secret and you believe you have the ability to change and rewire yourself – this is a great book for you. These type books are all saying a very similar thing… that you can change and manifest in your world the things you want/need. Dr. Dispenza tells this tale in a well thought out and well researched way.

He uses examples of people who experience spontaneous remission of incurable and fatal conditions. He uses examples of people who cause negative outcomes (the nocebo effect) in their lives by believing negative things.  He makes the argument that we are actually changing our brain when we believe differently – and changing how it creates the outcome we believe in.  Yes, physical changes are created through the process of belief. It has implications in far more than health and once you experience it, you will believe it and preach it.

A great tidbit – people who are positive are proven to live on average 11 years longer than pessimists… regardless of things like heart disease, high blood pressure, weight etc.

What are your thoughts on being able to physically change realities in your health, wealth, love etc. by changes in your thinking?

by Chris Doelle

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