I Love Traveling in Time

I think it may be all the classic books I have been reading but I find myself much more interested in history. I have always liked series like The West and Baseball by Ken Burns and even though I had seen it before, decided to watch The West again.

It was an episode covering the Mormon trek to the Salt Lake Valley that inspired me to started searching for period music. The song Tittery Irie Aye played in the background as Peter Coyote narrated the story. I paused the episode and starting a Google search to see if I could locate the song.  Of course, it was on Spotify…

I then went down a rabbit hole looking for the old music.  I found this gem by Nina Simone from the 1969 production of Hair.

And of course, some great tracks by Billie Holiday including the 1936 release Summertime.

The rabbit hole keeps going up and down, round and round landing on a tracks like the great Big Iron by Marty Robbins

Maybe this is what it means to become “an old man” but I find myself listening to period music – all different periods – while working or riding. (When I’m not listening to audio books.)

I am once again weened off radio and its mindless dribble of repetitive hooks interspersed with countless advertisements.  Crikey, I really am becoming an old geezer. haha

We have too rich a history in both music and books to ignore. An appreciation for those who came and created before will payoff.

by Chris Doelle

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