I picked up the audiobook version of I Am Not Spock by Leonard Nimoy full of optimism and sure that I would at least away with a smile. Boy, was I disappointed.

The book written in 1979 was short on any real information about Nimoy himself. He literally spent half the book rephrasing the title. For someone wanting to distance himself from the iconic character, he never allowed Spock more than an arms length distance from himself. Thou doth protest too much Mr. Nimoy.

My biggest knock against the book however is that it is so plain. I reads as though it was intended for a much slower audience. Even my love of the character Spock was no help in slogging through this emotionless series of disjointed points.

I have heard that his follow up book, I Am Spock while reusing a lot of the content, actually does a better job of getting a look into Leonard himself.

by Chris Doelle

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Apparently being out of print has really run up the cost of purchasing.