Johnny Anonymous (not his real name) brings you the book NFL Confidential: True Confessions from the Gutter of Football – a purported tell-all about the dirty underside of the NFL from a player with a life goal of being a career backup.

This book is a snarky, sarcastic view on the National Football League, the personalities involved, the hypocrisy and the dirty underbelly. Yes, it says all the right things but because there are no real names, it comes across as more fantasy than reality. Rather than a tell-all book containing things you had no idea went on in the league, you are left with a made up name telling stories you have heard a hundred times from other sources (North Dallas Forty for one.)

His writing style was engaging and kept me interested by there wasn’t one single “OH MY!” moment or even a laugh out loud anecdote. In short, this book is “meh.”

by Chris Doelle

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