More Reasons to Cut Your Cable

I have been had my cord cut for quite some time and you know what? I don’t miss it. I still have access to thousands of hours of television (even LIVE TV) for a fraction of the cost of cable.

Netflix and Amazon provide most of my entertainment these days, but you already know all about those. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the other sources.

My new favorite has to be PLUTO.TV. I came across the channel on Roku and it absolutely rocks. Actually, to say it is a channel is an understatement. It is called a “channel” on Roku but it is really an access point for hundreds of channels, and thousands of movies on demand.

Think of it as a guide for free tv channels. This guide is divided much like DirecTV and even includes a ton of different music channels. If you are a cord-cutter that misses LIVE news, this is a great source. In addition, it is available on Roku, Android, XBox One, Chrome, Amazon Fire, Vizio, Playstation – you name it… all FREE.

Also, have you heard of YouTube TV? It is a service that sends dozens of channels to your Chromecast, Airplay, iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop or Computer.  For only $35/month you get these channels and six user accounts – that means everyone in the family can have their own account.  Oh yeah and UNLIMITED DVR!

We are talking about ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX, FOX Sports, ESPN, FX, BBC, CNBC, Sundance, Disney and dozens and dozens of others – real channels, not made-up goofball ones you find on many streaming services.

The catch right now is that it is only available in select areas. I would list them here but that would make the post dated pretty quickly as new cities are being added all the time. I am on the wait list to be notified when it is available in my area. To find out if it is something you can have, click the image and go to signup with the Try it Free button. It will check your location and let you know. If not available, you can agree to be notified.

I mentioned XBox One and Playstation4 earlier… those platforms too offer many of these channels for little or no cost.

You can also take your Roku or Chromecast with you on the road or simply use your smart device from anywhere too – another reason not to stay tethered to a cable company.

I predict cable companies will respond soon and you will see dramatic price reductions for basic cable and even less expensive options for à la carte programming. Expect the competition for your eyeballs to become even more and more fierce and the result will be the end of hundred dollar plus cable bills for all.

If you are a college student, there is one heck of a great deal going on right now. Hulu and Spotify are teaming up to offer their services together as a bundle for college students.

For $4.99 per month, eligible U.S. students can get access to Spotify Premium and Hulu with limited commercials. The services will be combined at the one price but customers will still need the separate apps to access both Spotify and Hulu.

What do you do for your entertainment? Have you cut the cable? What do you use?

by Chris Doelle

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