Even Anne Agrees With Me

I have to say the events of recent weeks have reassured my basic belief that people are generally¬†good. I’ve had many discussions with biblical scholars and atheists alike that tell me mankind is inherently evil. I just cannot believe that.

The social media streams in this country and across the globe were filled with negative sentiments, hate and vitriol prior to hurricane Harvey. I got to where I would go weeks between looking at the feeds because of the negativity.

In a post-Harvey world all of that hate instantly disappeared. That same feed became filled with well-wishers offering assistance, prayer and encouragement. All the other BS went on the back-burner.

And yes, you can say that is a temporary situation, but I think it’s a glance at what’s really at our core. I think most of our strife and argumentation come from being bored. We are a very leisure society. With all that free time, we need something to fill our minds.

I truly believe the media itself nudges (if not slams) us towards the negative. If you do not believe that, I challenge you to record every story you hear in the media. Mark down a tally for positive or negative. You will find the negative far outweigh the positive being reported to us.

Now you could say that is because there is more negative and I have to say BS to that. Negative sells. Negative get viewers and readers.

Take this test. If a friend or family member asked you for help, would you do it? Yes. Of course you would.

Now, if a stranger asked you for help, would you do it? I think for most of us, the answer is still yes.

If you would, write YES in the comments.

If your answer to that last question is no, you are the problem.

by Chris Doelle