There are some movies that really don’t deserve a full write up. I probably shouldn’t have written about half the films I’ve seen this year.

I guess first, I should say that I have watched a bunch more films this year than normal. How do I do that? Do I sit around watching movies all day? Well, not exactly… but sort of.

Because I work from home and because I work online, I am able to have a movie running on my TV while working. I can usually tell before I start one that it is not going to be great, so I will toss it on and get to work.

Because I go through so many films this way, I have quite a backlog of write ups. I decided that I will just do quick listings of the suckier ones periodically. When a movie is worthy of a longer piece, it will be by itself.

Without further explanation, let’s get to the recent lame ones.

The Mummy – The Tom Cruise reboot has an absolutely stupid story and uninspired visuals. Did I mention the story was stupid?

Wonder Woman – Yes, I know this one will piss off a lot of people. I am all for girl power and I don’t know anyone who believes more strongly that women are real life superheroes… this is just not a good film. I know origin stories are tough, but come on – this one was just a mixture of boring and odd.

Gold – Found this one on Amazon. It was Matthew McConaughey playing a modern day prospector that parlays his passion for mining gold into a multi-billion dollar business. While I think Mac did a great job – well, if his goal was to make you think of him as pathetic. If the goal was to be a sympathetic character, he missed. The script had enough twists to keep me watching but too tired and cliche throughout to warrant its own review.

by Chris Doelle

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