YouTube is not just for Fails and cats playing piano

If you still think of YouTube as a collection of short stupid videos, well… you’re right…. BUT it is so much more as well!

I was turned onto this series by a good friend. The Great War is the story of World War I told in a very unique way. Rather than a simple documentary or even a mini-series ala Ken Burns, this is told as it happens.

Yes, each episode is a week in the four-year conflict. Each episode, host Indy Neidell reports events as they happened using clips, graphics and narration. If you enjoy history and you want to get it in a unique way – this is the series for you.

Getting the story of WWI in this manner makes it more real to me. Seeing how fast a series of seemingly unrelated battles exploded quickly into a world war is fascinating. More shocking though is how quickly the death toll rose as trench warfare was invented an expanded. Hundreds of thousands died fighting for literally a few yards of dirt.

As of this writing, the series has almost come to the conclusion of the war but you can do like I am and start at the beginning. Call me a nerd – but I can see some serious binge sessions in my future.

by Chris Doelle