Help Me Make a Difference

I am convinced that if we can just solve this one problem, it will somehow lead to a solution for everything wrong in the world. I know it is a bold statement, but hear me out…

I noticed a while back that these hair thingy’s (elastic hair bands?) are laying everywhere. You can hardly go through a parking lot without noticing one on the ground. At first I was puzzled as to why they were so commonly found laying on the ground. Do they pop out of hairdos unnoticed? Do people adjusting their hair not notice when they fall off? If so, they couldn’t have done much good. Do they get dropped and the owner just decide they are not worth the effort to pick up? It is really quite perplexing.

When you think about all the work that goes into creating one, packaging one, shipping it to a store, buying it, taking it home etc., yet see so many laying on the ground, it makes you wonder. It just seems so wasteful.

I decided to track just how many I saw laying on the ground – this is over the course of about a month…

Keep in mind that I wasn’t able to take a photo of many because I was either busy or didn’t have free hands/camera handy. I counted 18 in 30 days! Every couple days I see one on the ground somewhere. It doesn’t matter where I am – they are everywhere!

Yes, they are everywhere. There must be some good purpose we can put these very useful bits of refuse to? I think somewhere in this mystery is locked a solution to something bigger than all of us.

Sure, we could just pick them up, wash them and use them again… I can already hear the groans “ugggh gross” I’m not saying that is the solution. Frankly, I DON’T have an answer – I just know there is something world changing that can come from all this waste. I need you – I need the collective mind to work on this.

Let’s find a use for these things and just maybe, save the world!

by Chris Doelle

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