I went to check out Justice League not because I am a DC fanboy, in fact the only DC character I like at all is the Flash, but because I have the MoviePass card and it was free.

I’m sure that I have already lost the hardcore fans of Justice League – I know they are out there because of the audience squeals and claps I heard throughout. For me though, this film was just average at best.

Ben Affleck is still one of the worst Batmans ever – he is just plain hard to watch… the only thing worse that his Batman is his Daredevil. And although I thought Jason Momoa did a good job as Aquaman, but this “friend of the oceans” littering by smashing a whisky bottle before jumping in the water dramatically was just odd. Gal Gadot did a good job but too her story was just a bit disjointed. I will save the Flash for last.

Overall, it felt like they were doing everything they could to copy Marvel’s success.  What happened to a superhero in spandex fighting a bad guy in spandex? They have to make it all interstellar and interdimensional – too much like Infinity Wars. Then, they tried so hard to inject comedy into their universe (I am sure because of the success of Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel.) The problem is that they really don’t do it well.

That brings me to the Flash. I am a fan of the TV version – it is more like the character should be. This one is trying to be one part silly teenage Spider-Man and one part comic relief and he does neither well. I don’t blame the actor Ezra Miller. I blame the producers for not cutting a deal for Grant Gustin to continue the role on the big screen.

Also, his suit absolutely sucked. I get that they wanted it to make sense to handle the heat created by running fast, but it looked bad.

As a film, it is not unwatchable. It is just meh.

RATING 5 out of 10

by Chris Doelle

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