I have heard about MoviePass for years but never got around to trying it now. The main reason is that I used to not see many movies and the theater. When I got married, that changed because she loved seeing movies there. When you add the fact that the theaters are all trying to outdo each other in terms of reclining seats, better quality projects and food options, it is a much better time than it used to be.

How it works: For $10 a month, you can see one movie per day. (prices vary by region I believe) Pretty simple.

You have to download their app and order your card. When the card arrives and is activated, it becomes how you “pay” for the film. You check in at the theater before purchasing and then buy a ticket like you would at any other time – but using the MoviePass card.

No muss, no fuss.

So what has my experience been?

I decided to give it a run and see if this was for real. You know what? It is. It works pretty flawless.

After you download the app and signup, they send you a MoviePass card. It looks just like a credit card but only works for these movies (I think.)  It did take several weeks for my card to arrive so be prepared for a wait.

When you are ready to see a movie, you open the app and when you are within 100 yards of the theater, you hit “check in.” That is how you verify that you are actually at the theater.

You then pay for your ticket like you would with any other card. Again, very simple.

In just the first two weeks of having the MoviePass account setup, I have seen 6 movies (at an average retail price around $11.)  That’s over $60 worth of movies for $9.95 – pretty good deal.

I am sure they are counting on people signing up and then not going to a bunch of movies. I am even sure that my movie viewing will drop drastically now that I did my research. But, even if I go to one film a month, I am saving money.

If I do end up finding a flaw in the system, rest assured I will write about it… for now though… it’s a pretty sweet deal.

by Chris Doelle