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A good friend of mine asked for some feedback on podcasting advice.  He is putting together a book on the subject of podcasting advice and we became friends back in the early days of podcasting so sought me out.

I love his approach – ask experts – compile their answers – viola! you have a great book.

I’m sure I could write a book myself (hmm) about podcasting but this is so much easier – haha.

Here was my submission:

Record five episodes of your show before you post any of them.  Chances are the show intended to create will be slightly different than the one it morphs into.  Give yourself time to find your voice and your rhythm.

In addition, you will be more comfortable and that will come across in the finished product.

Five shows – no more – no less… that is the magic number.  Any less and you will not be ready.  Any more and you will risk never get around to launching the show.

I want to take a second to note what a powerful medium this is for getting your voice in front of people. I’m not talking about singers (although it works great for them also.) I am talking about getting your thoughts in front of people.

Again, not as a way to “be a star” but a way to get out what is bottled inside you or as a marketing tool. Whether your business is real estate, air conditioning, electronics, event planning… you name it. You have expertise in your chosen field and by sharing that expertise, people learn about you.

At the very least, when someone needs something you have shared via podcasting, it is natural that they will think of you.

Also, if you haven’t listened to podcasts, you are missing out. You can find one on any subject that interests you and you can listen when the spirit moves you.  Here are a few of the ones I currently host, edit, or produce:

  • The Marketing Drive (simple show I record as the spirit moves me)
  • Sideline 2 Sideline (LSG show that I edit, produce)
  • TXHSFB Coaches Show (LSG show that I do every offseason)
  • Lone Star Gridiron (composite feed that brings all the LSG shows in one place)

There are dozens more that I am involved with for myself and/or clients. The reason I have been involved in podcasting since it’s inception is frankly, that it works.

by Chris Doelle