I’m a fan of Jim Gaffigan, his self-deprecating style of comedy has always cracked me up. When I came across his book, and discovered he was reading the audio version, I had to give it a go. Dad is Fat is classic Jim Gaffigan.

With him reading the book, it is really like a 5 hour stand-up routine based on his observations about parenting. If you are a fan of his clean comedy, you will really like this book. If too, you can relate as a parent, it is that much better.

Hidden among the comedy about how glowing white Gaffigan and his family are (and numerous asides as is the style of the Hot Pocket guy) is actually a good biography. Okay, well not a full on biography but clearly some insight into the life of this fat dad. Gaffigan’s relationship with his wife (both professionally and emotionally) is evident throughout.

I cannot say enough that the audiobook version is the way to go with this one.

by Chris Doelle

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